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Financial Support

Financial Support

There is a wide range of help available to students to meet the costs of tuition, travel, and childcare.


Use the links at the foot of the page to identify the financial support appropriate to you. 


Financial Help for students aged 19+


Discretionary Learner Support Fund

If you are struggling with your course because of financial difficulties, you may be able to get help with some of the costs of essentials (e.g. childcare, travel support, food support) for your course, through the Discretionary Learner Support Fund or Loans Bursary Fund. This funding is only available to students taking Adult courses. 


Please read the attachment below for more information Financial Support overview for students aged 19+ 


There is a limited supply of funding available so early application is advised. These are means tested funds and you will be expected to show some proof of income such as a recent Tax Credit Notice, two recent payslips, or a copy of a letter from the benefits agency. 


The 2024-25 19+ Financial Support Form is not yet available. If you would like the Student Finance Team to let you know when you can apply for funding for 2024-25, please follow the link below: 


The College is not able to accept any more applications for financial support for adult learners, as the funds available for 2023-24 are now exhausted. 


Financial Help for Students Aged 20+ who have children


Are you a student aged 20 or over (on 31st August of the year the course starts) and have children? Will you need Childcare Support in order to take your course? Are you in severe hardship? There are funds available to help you.


In order to quality for 20+ Childcare Support Funds, you must have an income level of £25,000 or less (£30,000 or less combined income if you have a partner). And you will need to prove that you qualify by supplying evidence which shows the family income e.g. recent Universal Credit Statement in full; two recent payslips; copy of letter from benefits agency; bank statements.


The Childcare Support Fund will pay 80% of term-time costs of your childcare, and you will be responsible for the other 20% of the costs. Please note that the maximum contribution per child per day is capped at £50.


The child care provider chosen must be Ofsted registered and cannot be a relative. The Fund pays costs related to your study days at College, both onsite and on placement, but does not pay for childcare costs during holiday periods.


The fund is limited and runs on a first come first served basis, so early application is advised.


Students should use the application form link in Discretionary Learner Support Funds (above) to apply. The College will contact your Childcare Provider directly to confirm the childcare support required and the costs involved.


For further advice, please contact the Student Finance Team via



Childcare Support for students aged 16-19 - Care to Learn


If you are aged 16 to 19 years old on 31st August, you may be eligible for Childcare Support with 100% of your childcare costs through the Care to Learn scheme. For more information and to apply, you will need to visit the website here: Care to Learn - GOV.UK (





To learn more about the support we have available for young people, please click here.