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Employers Meet the Workforce of the Future

In September 2021, Bolton College launches a series of new 'gold standard' qualifications called T Levels: new qualifications for students aged 16 to 19 who've finished GCSEs. They'll be the biggest reform to vocational training in a generation, giving young people the skills, knowledge, and attitude to excel in their careers.


T Levels are a new two-year qualification for 16 to 19 year olds. Designed with employers, each T Level is equivalent to 3 A Levels and will help young people develop the knowledge, attitude and practical skills to thrive in the workplace. At the heart of each course, a 45-day industry placement will give you early access to the brightest talent entering your market. The T Levels being offered by Bolton College are Construction - Design, Surveying & Planning; Onsite Construction; Digital Production, Design & Development; Education & Childcare; Health and Science.


Designed by Employers for Employers

Employers from across the country have highlighted the fact that they face a skills shortage that could impact the future success of their businesses. In response, the government has worked alongside more than 220 employers to design T Level courses that deliver the skills your organisations need.


These employers span a range of industries, and include household names, such as Fujitsu, Skanska and GlaxoSmithKlein, as well as many smaller employers.



Introducing Industry Placements

Every T Level student completes an industry placement that lasts a minimum of 315 hours* (approximately 45 days).

Industry placements give you a unique opportunity to help develop new talent and get young people work ready. They also bring many business benefits.


*Please note: HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE and CHILDCARE industry placements will be longer, you will be informed of timescales when you enquire.

Business Benefits of Industry Placements

Industry placements help your organisation:

 • Find solutions for entry-level skills shortages

 • Develop future talent for your business

 • Capitalise on new ideas and a fresh perspective


Industry placements give you early sight of the new talent coming into your industry. They can help you with recruitment, improve innovation, and increase your organisation's productivity. They also have important social benefits. 

  • Smarter Recruitment

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    -       A solution for entry-level jobs

    Industry placements are an ideal solution for entry-level skills. They can help you build a pipeline of talent for junior positions or Apprenticeships.

    -       Cost-effective channel for recruitment

    You can avoid many of the costs associated with recruitment by working with us to connect with young people who are deciding on their careers.

    -       Develop young people into your industry

    Placements give you a chance to work alongside the next generation of workers entering your industry, making sure they develop the knowledge, attitude and practical skills to succeed.

  • Support for Your Staff

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    Placements create opportunities for staff to act as buddies, coaches or line managers to students. This helps existing staff gain management and mentorship skills, both of which are known to increase job satisfaction.



    For smaller employers, young people can be an invaluable source of new and interesting ideas that can change the way you think about doing business.



    In an environment where staff are doing multiple roles and struggling to meet difficult deadlines, an industry placement student could help support a key piece of work.

  • Support Your Local Community

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    Industry placements create opportunities for a diverse range of 16 to 19 year olds. Diversity helps your organisation understand customers better, creates better performing teams and increases innovation and creativity.



    Traditionally, organisations have supported social causes by making charitable donations. Industry placements are different in that they help create ‘shared value’. They’re a way of giving back, benefiting the young people in your community as well as your business.



    A commitment to industry placements raises your organisation’s profile, locally and nationally, especially as T Levels gain more public exposure with your customers and clients.

The Bottom Line

Industry placements are a great way to bring new talent into your organisation. We can help you:

 • Find the right student

 • Assist with paperwork

 • Plan and deliver the best possible placement


See some frequently asked questions about industry placements below:

What are the costs of an industry placement?

An industry placement is an efficient way to bring in new talent and develop the skills you need as an employer. Apart from the financial cost of managing a student, industry placements should cost you very little. There is no legal requirement or expectation that students will be paid, as it is part of a course. However, you can pay students if you wish.


How much work is involved?

Bolton College will support you and stay in touch regularly in the delivery of your industry placement, ensuring that everything is working well for you and the young person.


You will have access to an:

 • Careers Coach – will work with the student daily to help them learn specific tasks and activities in the workplace in ways they can understand. The Careers Coach will also regularly check in with you and track your performance and progress. This includes carrying out mid and end point views which is recorded on our Work Experience Portal.

 • Tutor Support – students will receive support and guidance from their course tutor, who will also help them to learn specific skills and knowledge, which they can implement in the workplace.

What is the time commitment?

An industry placement lasts for a minimum of 315 hours, which is approximately 45 days.

Designed to be flexible, placements might be delivered as blocks of days or regular days each week, depending on the learning plan for the course. You can even choose to split a placement with another employer to reduce the time even further.


Is there any financial support?

The College may be able to help with upfront costs, such as providing protective gear, DBS checks, specialist equipment etc. You should discuss this when you enquire as funding may be available.


What are my responsibilities?

 • Provide an industry placement for a minimum of 315 hours, or 45 days, for students on a course directly relevant to your industry

 • Set relevant learning objectives in partnership with the College Curriculum and the student. These need to be occupationally specific to your industry and you will be expected to set quality tasks that enable the student to work towards those objectives.

 • Provide a safe working environment for the student

 • Ensure a line manager is present to support, supervise and mentor the student, and who will have regular contact with the College to discuss their progress

 • Assist with the monitoring of performance and progression of the learner on placement

 • Provide formal feedback on the student’s progress against their learning objectives at the end of the placement


Are industry placements available in other subject areas?

Over the next few years, T Levels will scale to include 25 courses, covering a range of skill areas. Bolton College delivers T Levels from September 2021 in the areas of construction, healthcare, science, digital and childcare, but employers can trial industry placements now with students on a range of programmes.


Check what skills are available at Bolton College...

Applied Science

Art, Design & Digital Media

Beauty Therapy

Business & Professional Services


Computing & IT

Construction Trades


Hospitality & Catering

Travel & Tourism



Health & Social Care

Motor Vehicle

Performing Arts

Public Services

Sport, Fitness & Wellbeing


Get Involved Now!

In preparation for T Levels, more than 2,000 employers are working with local colleges and schools to offer industry placements to students studying vocational courses. From digital to construction, health & social care and childcare, industry placements can help your organisation find and develop new talent. If your organisation is looking for talent in any of these areas, and can offer support and mentoring to a young person, you can start offering industry placements now.


These skill areas don’t need to be the primary focus of your business; some of them, like business and administration or computing and IT, will apply to everyone.


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