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# Access to Higher Education

Your Fast-Track Route to University

If you wish to study at university and either lack the necessary entry qualifications or feel you need to develop confidence in your study methods, our Access to Higher Education programmes are for you. 


Access to HE programmes provide nationally recognised qualifications that are an alternative to the traditional A-Level route of getting into university.


We offer ongoing support and advice throughout your programme, including specific learning pathways that will develop the key critical skills of research, essay writing and communication. The flexible style of study is also ideally suited to adults leading busy lives.

Why choose an Access to HE Course?

  • What is an Access to Higher Education (HE) course?

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    Access to HE courses prepare adults for study at university level.


    Courses are designed, in particular, for people who have been out of education for some time, especially those who left school with too few qualifications to be able to go straight to university.


    Access to HE courses provide a good foundation in the knowledge and skills required for studying at university level, so that students are confident and well prepared when they go on to higher education. In order to use the title ‘Access to HE’ a course must be recognised by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).

  • What does an Access to HE Diploma involve?

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    An Access to HE Diploma course involves completing a certain set of units of study which are relevant to the overall Diploma subject.

    The whole package of units is designed to equip students for university level study in that subject or subject area.

    The detail of course content on individual courses depends on the subject of the Diploma, but all courses require study of relevant academic subject(s) at university entry level give students the opportunity to learn how to approach study at university level and develop techniques to help them to be successful students.

  • Do you have various Access to HE subjects?

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    Courses leading to the Access to HE Diploma are available in many different subjects, providing a preparation for a wide range of university programmes.

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