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Taxi Driver Assessment

Developed in consultation with Bolton Council, Bolton College’s ‘The Knowledge 2.0’ is essential if you would like to work as a private hire or hackney carriage driver in the Bolton area. 

Successful completion of the course is required by Bolton Council, and will allow you to secure a license and start work as a private hire or hackney carriage driver.


  The course, delivered by expert professionals, consists of TWO parts:


  • Part 1 - English & Maths Assessment

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    Your communication, literacy and numeracy skills must meet the basic requirements set out by Bolton Council – this will be assessed via a 1.5 hour assessment.

    If English is not your first language, you will be required to demonstrate that you have an English speaking, reading and writing level of ESOL Entry 3. An Entry 3 is a modest speaker, able to:

    • Respond and maintain straightforward interaction quite well
    • Talk past, present and future, showing some command of appropriate tenses and some modal verbs
    • Demonstrate a basic range of vocabulary
    • Write a paragraph
    • Correctly spell personal details and most common words



    If you fail this assessment, you will not be able to progress on to Part 2 – The Knowledge Course & Assessment and you will not be entitled to a fee reimbursement. We also advise you to wait six months before re-sitting the test, so that you are able to improve your maths and English.

  • Part 2 – The Knowledge Course & Assessment

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    If you pass Part 1 - English & Maths Assessment, you will complete our 3.5 hour Knowledge Course & Assessment.

    During the course, you will look at:


    • The Compulsory Section
    • The law and conditions relating to driving a private hire vehicle
    • The Highway Code
    • Customer Care
    • Points of Interest



    Before attending this course you are expected to read the Highway Code and you must have an awareness of the Bolton area.


    Your knowledge will be assessed at the end of the session when you will answer 40 multiple choice questions about the law and conditions relating to working as a private hire driver; customer care; and the Highway Code. The first section is compulsory and you must get full marks to pass. For the ‘Points of Interest’ assessment, you must show that you have an awareness of places around Bolton.


  • How to Book

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    Please see below for our list of courses. To enrol, click on any course and press the yellow 'Enrol' button on the page. Please note, in order to do the Knowledge 2.0 Assessment YOU MUST have passed the English and Maths Assessment.


    The Knowledge 2.0, includes Part One - English & Maths Assessment and Part Two - The Knowledge Course & Assessment. The cost of the course is £110 and once booked, we will send you supporting documentation that you must study before attending the course so that you are prepared for the knowledge assessment.


    If you've already passed Part One - English & Maths Assessment but failed Part Two - The Knowledge Course & Assessment, you can book to re-sit this at a cost of £110.


    IMPORTANT! Please ensure you are able to attend your course. We cannot offer a refund if you miss your course.


    Please note: you have 10 days from the date you enrol to request a refund if you cannot make your assessment date

  • Useful Links

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    You may find these websites useful to practice your literacy and numeracy skills:




    If English is not your first language there are many useful language websites available to help, such as: