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A Career in Public Services

Do you see yourself working for one of the UK's emergency services? 

Our Public Services courses are specifically designed to help you pass the selection process of a number of public services organisations. So if you're a natural-born leader and a good communicator, you might be well suited for a future in the Public Services sector. Here are some of the careers you might find yourself in:

  • Police
  • Army
  • Merchant
  • Navy
  • Prison Service
  • Fire Service
  • Customs
  • Security

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Why Bolton College?

  • The Public Services courses at Bolton College are specifically designed to help you pass the selection process of a range of public service sectors such as; the Police, Fire Service, Armed Forces and the Prison Service.
  • You'll experience first hand the physical and mental demands to help you prepare for the standard expected of being an applicant in this sector.
  • Our tutors are highly experienced including a former Police Officer and ex-Marine so you can expect to be taught within a disciplined environment.
  • You'll get the opportunity to participate in Battlefield Sports and Army Residentials.
  • On completion of a Public Services full-time study programme, you could progress to a HND in Public Services.


Student Success

jack ragan 16 18 public services l3 12

Jack Regan
Public Services Level 3

"The course is practical and is a good stepping stone to a career in the public services. I like the variety of things we cover in class. We get involved in lots of training activities and our tutors have arranged visits to the Police and Army. I'd like to try to get into the Fire Brigade in the future."

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