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Art, Design & Media

Art & Design; Photography; Clothes Making; Floristry; Photoshop; Stained Glass & Ceramics and more - with such a HUGE choice of courses available, there's sure to be one to grab your attention!


Many of our courses start at Beginners or Introduction, then progress up to Level 2 - this means you can start at a level that suits your skill set. For instance, our Digital Photography, Clothes Making, Floristry and Photoshop courses start at Beginners, for those with little or no experience. Then once you've mastered the basics and built up your confidence, you can move on to Level 1, then Level 2.


Alternatively, you may have some experience already - if that's the case, start at the appropriate level and develop even more skills...the choice is YOURS!


Please view our range of courses below then apply or enrol...

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