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Beauty Therapy...

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Get into career mode with Beauty Therapy

Can you see yourself as a future Beauty Therapist?

Have you perfected your contour and cut crease? Are you always living for the next new palette to drop? Why settle for spending hours on YouTube watching beauty gurus when you can bring the latest trends to life yourself, with a career in Beauty Therapy!


We’ll train you in our industry-standard salons where you’ll have the opportunity to treat members of the public. Careers within the beauty industry are so diverse and exciting. You could become a:


• Aromatherapist
• Beauty Consultant/Therapist
• Cruise Ship Worker
• Make-up Artist
• Massage Therapist
• Medical Aesthetician
• Nail Technician
• Skincare Specialist
• Spa Therapist


Become a future Visual-Effects Artist by joining the University of Bolton’s EXCEED Programme, where you’ll have the opportunity to access masterclasses from experts and use their modern facilities. Progress to one of the University’s Make-up FX programmes, leading to a host of exciting careers.


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Why choose Bolton College?

• We'll reward your achievements with trips to The Anderton Centre, the University’s outdoor pursuits centre, and so much more. You’ll also have the opportunity to apply for the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Award.







• Enjoy masterclasses from industry experts & explore a range of creative facilities such as special effects studios and make-up rooms through the University of Bolton's EXCEED Programme.

• You’ll receive training in our on site salon from big name sector experts, including Ellisons, Studex, St Tropez, Dermalogica, Eve Taylor and NSI, giving you the right skills to succeed in the industry.

• Put your creativity to the test by taking part in regional and national competitions. You’ll also be able to take part in our annual Beauty Showcase event and exhibit the skills you have learnt on your course.

• We also have a wide range of events throughout the year, including enterprise activities and cultural celebrations.


• Free beauty kit, up to the value of £370.