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Pre-Professionals Programme

Work experience opportunities for students

Our Pre-Professionals Programme can make College life less daunting - we'll help you to manage your studies, oversee your progress and aid in your personal development, making sure that in the short amount of time you spend with us, you're ready to take on the world!

You'll receive individualised academic guidance and career planning

We understand that all of our students have different needs, which is why we'll treat you as an individual; you'll have your own dedicated Learning Development Mentor and a Careers Coach to help you create both academic and career plans.


We provide:

   • Learning support tailored to your unique requirements

   • Motivation and aspirations for staying on track

   • Support in overcoming difficult situations

   • A tailored Personal Learning Plan


We'll help you:

  • Find your dream role

  • Benefit from placements and volunteering, in England and abroad

   Create a professional profile

   Develop your customer skills

   Improve interview performance

Providing Work Experience & Industry Placements

A placement needs to provide sufficient time for you to gain some meaningful experience, but not so long that employers will struggle to cover this. You will complete a 30 hour work experience placement – requiring around one day per week over five or more weeks – preferably on a day when you are not studying in College. 

The benefits:

 • Better interview performance

 • Experience of working as part of a team

 • Discover if a job suits you & the training required to get into the field

 • Helps you set career goals

 • Learn the importance of English, maths & ICT skills in the workplace

 • Put into practice what you learn in your studies

 • Develop skills such as team working, planning, timekeeping and problem solving

 • Build your confidence and take responsibility for yourself

 • Connect with employers you meet at work or events who can help you in the future


Work experience and industry placements are great to put on your CV when you apply for jobs or further study! They're evidence to future employers that you're motivated to developing yourself and are open to learning new things. It also gives you something to discuss in interviews. 


Employers who you complete work experience with are likely to give you a reference too.


If you’re on a Level 3 course you may be able to participate in the Transition Industry Placement experience, which will become the standard for Level 3 vocational courses, soon to become the new T Level qualifications, beginning in 2021.


What this means for you:

  • You'll have an opportunity to do a 315 hour placement, across one or two placements or;
  • A one week placement in a setting to develop your occupational skills
  • Support from a Careers Coach throughout your work placement.



If you’re interested in a work placement, you must already be studying on a full-time pathway in College. Please speak to your main course tutor or Careers Coach.