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Turn the power of play into an epic career!

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Esports, or competitive video gaming, is an exciting fusion of sports, marketing, technology, creativity and enterprise.


However, esports isn’t limited to playing games; the industry’s continuous growth means it’s a multifaceted field, offering diverse and lucrative careers in broadcasting, marketing, sales, design, business development, and more!


The Esports industry is worth £111.5 million to the UK economy alone, with international attention and investment focused on Manchester. The city is rapidly becoming a significant player in the growing gaming sector, with companies such as Team 17, Smashmouth Games and Rezzil proudly calling it home.


These companies need local talent like YOU to continue their growth and success. That’s why our Esports courses have been developed to train the next generation of specialists to meet the expanding industry’s needs.


On both Study Programmes you’ll receive an exclusive invitation to join our Esports team, gearing up to conquer the British Esports Student Champs. You could also find yourself in the front row at national esports events.


Make your passion your profession – apply today and let the games begin!

Esports – A Guide for Parents & Carers

  • Clearing up misconceptions:

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    Firstly, when explaining esports to someone, it’s important to stress that it’s not just about spending time playing games. This is a common misconception, and the manner in which esports is presented in the media lends to this misconception.

    Whilst gaming is a huge element of the industry, there are so many opportunities and avenues behind the scenes that allow the industry to run and develop.

    The term esports, or electronic sports, refers to competitive video gaming, where two or more people compete against one another to fight for the win. This definition of the term only really explicitly covers the gaming element of the industry, which can limit an understanding of everything that goes on in the wider world of esports.


  • Benefits of esports:

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    Many people are unaware of the endless benefits esports can have on individuals, and this needs to change.

    Having a negative perception of gaming and esports, means many are reluctant to learn more about the industry but learning the actual benefits this can have on skills development and mental/physical health makes all the difference.

    As outlined in the British Esports Parents & Carers Guide, there are many benefits that esports can have, including:


    • Confidence improving
    • Strategic-thinking development
    • Developed reading comprehension
    • Improved social and communication skills
    • Increased concentration
    • Positive mental health and wellbeing.


    Playing games in moderation can have a really positive effect, especially young people. Having the opportunity to relieve stress is very beneficial, giving people the chance to unwind whilst doing something productive at the same time.

    By taking the opportunity to learn about the benefits of esports, and to understand more about the industry, you’ll be best placed to support a young person’s career development. 

  • Resources for Parents & Carers

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