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Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust (LTCT)

Bolton College is proud to be working with the Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust (LTCT) to provide financial support to eligible students.


The trust have supported students in higher education for many years and are now piloting a scheme in further education.   


To be eligible to apply for a financial support from the LTCT, students must meet the following criteria:


  • Eligible Trade – Have a parent/spouse/carer or have themselves worked in the UK as a pharmacist, grocer or commercial traveler – And have been employed for at least 5 years within the last 10 years
  • Eligible Student – Students must be enrolled at Bolton College on a vocational course at level 2 or above
  • Eligible Financial Need – Have a household income of £30,000 pa or less


Additional criteria may apply, please see Leverhulme Trade Charity Trust Website and application form.

Eligible Trades


What we mean by Pharmacist:

A pharmacist is someone who is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council, who sells or dispenses medicines directly to the public. We also accept pharmacy technicians who prepare and dispense prescriptions under the supervision of a pharmacist and are also registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council.


What we mean by Grocer:

A grocer is someone who owns or works in a small independent retail store that sells a wide range of both food supplies and non-edible articles for household use. Typically known as a corner shop or convenience store. Greengrocers and those who own or work for the major retailers (including the main supermarket chains) are not covered by this definition, and are not eligible to apply.


What we mean by Commercial Traveler:

A commercial traveler is the representative, agent or principal of any manufacturer, industrial or commercial firm or company, or wholesale dealers selling to industry or commerce, but not direct to the public; who works in the UK, for the purposes of securing orders and/or promoting business.


 Eligible Students


Students must meet the following criteria below:


  • Student age: Age 16 and above including adults 
  • Level: Level 2 or above substantial vocational courses at Bolton College
  • Course Type: Students undertaking a substantial Level 2, 3 or 4 vocational course of 6 or more taught hours per week and 24 weeks or more. Students studying only academic courses will not be eligible to apply.  Distance learning courses are not eligible.
  • Amount of bursary: Up to £1,000 pa per student for duration of course
  • Income criteria: Students with a household income of £30,000 or less
  • Residency:  Must be resident in the United Kingdom


Financial Need


In order to be eligible, students must have a household income of £30,000 or less pa. Our application form will ask both the student and their eligible parent/spouse to confirm their household income and what benefits their household receives. This information will be cross checked by Bolton College who check the student’s financial details when they apply for a college bursary. If the student has not applied for a college bursary and therefore have not submitted their financial information to the college, the college will conduct separate financial checks on that student to confirm if the information they have provided the Trust is correct. We may also offer bursaries to students whose household income is higher than £30,000 if they are in exceptional financial need. These will be assessed on an individual basis by the LTCT, and then the financial details will be cross checked by Bolton College.


In order to apply for financial assistance, please use the link below


Please note that although the College may undertake some administrative functions to support LTCT with this scheme, we are not responsible for any decisions in relation to the allocation or use of funds.



How to Apply


Students can apply online by following this link directly where they will need to register as a new user:


PLEASE NOTE: Students have until the 15th March 2024 (5pm) to apply.