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10 ways to give something back over Christmas

15 December 2021

Giving Back During Christmas


Everyone likes presents at christmas, the idea that someone has took the time to think about you makes us all feel warm and fuzzy as we thank our loved ones for all they do for us! However that’s not always the case for everybody.


Christmas is the season of good will and is a great time to start thinking how you can make a change, no matter how big or small! From volunteering at a soup kitchen, to helping to change the future of some of the poorest communities in Africa, or It could be as simple as picking up the phone to a friend you haven’t heard from in a while.

Below are some ways to give back this Christmas and they don’t all cost money:


1. Volunteer at a soup kitchen

Being homeless is a terrible situation to be in any time of year, but it can be particularly difficult at Christmas. There are a lot of charities that provide assistance for those in need of a hot meal that could use the extra help. Why not research how you can volunteer for projects in your area?


2. Send a cow

If you haven’t heard of this before, this may sound a bit odd, But ‘Send a cow’ is an established charity that has been working for 3 decades to make a difference to Africas poorest communities. The Bath-based charity Send a Cow don’t just send cows to help those in need! For instance, gift-givers can choose to send a chicken for £7, an apple orchard for £17 or they can educate a child for £30.  For more information go to


3. Make a blanket

For those who are talented enough with the wool and yarn, why not make a blanket this holiday season! The list of people who could reap the benefits of a cosy blanket at this time of year are endless. From the homeless community, Nursing homes and Premature baby units. If you don’t fancy yourself as a knitter, Old blankets and throws are always needed by dogs homes!


4. Help an elderly neighbour

Some times just giving your Nan a call can make the world of difference. In fact, picking the phone up to any elderly person could. Ensuring the older population stays in touch is always important,  but NO ONE should be lonely at christmas. Helping those who may be a little more vulnerable than us with the christmas shop or putting the decorations up could really bring the christmas spirit to life for them. Theres even charities that put you in contact with your own senior friend!


5. Christmas jumper day

You can’t go wrong with a christmas jumper at this time of year! Office and workplace christmas jumper days always go down a treat and the money raised for those in need is always the best part! You can virtually buy them from anywhere and they’re definitely a statement piece at this time of year. If you want to go that little further, you could even find one from a charity shop.


6. Give a Christmas dinner

Not everyone is expecting a christmas dinner this year. Even though most are already dreaming of the pigs in blankets and preparing to put their best stretchy pants on, some aren’t so lucky. By donating a plate this christmas a homeless person can receive a lovely dinner this holiday.


7. Donate an hours pay

A nice and easy one is to donate an hours pay. If youre not sure how to help this christmas, have a little look for a charity you want to support and donate! However big or small, a difference is a difference.


8. Donate to your nearest food bank

Most supermarkets often have a donation station set up, or a simple google search will lead you to your closest one. Something as simple as donating a couple of items can help a household!


9.  Buy charity Christmas cards

We don’t just love presents, we’re all partial to a greetings card too. This christmas, make that little bit more of a difference by buying charity christmas cards. Wether it’s a local charity or a global one, your purchase can help those in need and will still put a smile on the recipients face!


10. Donate old toys to those who need them

Even without the new toys santas going to bring, you may have unplayed with or old toys lying around. Charities, Hospitals and even those in community groups would love to take these toys off your hands and make them loved once again. As well as this its an added bonus that they’re recycled to new homes and not in the bin!