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Reporting Discrimination

Reporting Discrimination

Bolton College are committed to creating an inclusive environment which is free from discrimination, and encourages and helps all who learn and work here to reach their full potential. We actively promote equal opportunities and celebrate diversity.

As a college, we will not accept any form of discrimination and we are committed to reporting, recording and acting on all such incidents sensitively and efficiently. We work closely with the police and other recognised groups to tackle discrimination.

We respond to incidents of discrimination differently from other complaints because the incident has taken place as a result of a person's race, religion, gender/gender identity, disability, sexual orientation or age; and not as a result of something that person has done. Incidents of discrimination and harassment in relation to a person’s race, disability or age are against the law.

Bolton College will take action when anyone:

  • Behaves inappropriately whilst on college premises or within the community as a representative of the college
  • Treats individuals or groups less favourably because they appear to be different.
  • Uses offensive language, or is responsible for offensive graffiti or pictures (this includes jokes and comments that may be seen as discriminatory)
  • How to Report an Incident of Discrimination


It is important to report all incidents as soon as possible after they have taken place and there are a number of ways to do this:

  • Download a PDF copy of the Discrimination Incident Reporting Form and print it out
  • Send written details to the Customer Services Manager at Deane Road, Bolton BL3 5BG or e-mail
  • Speak to any member of college staff who will help you complete a Discrimination Incident Reporting form


A full copy of our Discrimination Policy & Procedure can be downloaded by clicking the button below.