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Performing Arts Learners enjoy a performance of ‘HEADZ’

10 October 2016

Performing Arts Learners enjoy a performance of ‘HEADZ’

On Monday 17th October, students from Bolton College and the University of Bolton came together to watch a performance of ‘HEADZ’, a series of short plays offering a gritty insight into the lives of young people in contemporary Britain. 

The play was delivered by 20 Stories High, an award-winning theatre company who partnered locally with the Octagon Theatre to entertain students. 

The performance took place in the College’s own theatre, and the audience were enthralled by three stories, each delivered by a talented young actor in a monologue format. 

Issues covered included racism, parental separation and unplanned pregnancy. 

The audience experienced a range of emotions during each section of the play, from laughter to tears, and were enthralled throughout. 

Sandra Barlow, a Creative Writing student from the University of Bolton, said ‘I’m writing a play myself at the moment, and I was awe-struck by the quality of the writing. The actors used barely any props, and instead relied on their own acting talents. All three stories were fantastic, and each offered a realistic lesson whilst being very relatable’. 

Keith Saha, the author of the play, said ‘Everybody’s got a story to tell and their own way of telling it. With HEADZ, I wanted to write truthful stories that delve deep emotionally whilst at the same time, also offer a smile and some hope’. 

The actors stayed for a Question and Answer session once the play had ended, and each explained how they got under the skin of their character using a variety of mediums, from speaking to peers who had experienced some of the issues covered, to watching videos uploaded to Youtube which provided a source of inspiration.  

Rachel Eden, Curriculum Leader for Performing Arts at Bolton College, says ‘We have an excellent working relationship with the Octagon Theatre and were delighted to host 20 Stories High and their thought provoking staging of HEADZ. Our students really enjoyed the performance and left feeling pretty inspired. I’d like to thank 20 Stories High for coming to Bolton and delivering such a brilliant show’. 

20 Stories High’s next performance of HEADZ will be at the Hexagon Theatre in Birmingham, where they are hoping that audiences will be as equally captivated by their performance.   

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