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Millie King's inspiring poem about 2020

18 December 2020

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One of our talented Early Years apprentices has created this wonderful poem.


Millie King works at Little Lambs Nursery, and after reflecting on the past nine months, she created this impressive poem in her English class...



2020…the year to remember


Although the year we thought was going to be the best, turned out to be nothing but a mess,

There’s been some fun times, happy times and even a little laughter,

When COVID came along, it was just a disaster.

From laughing in London, watching fireworks with friends,

To staying two metres away and cancelling plans.   

 The country got shut down, which made everyone feel down.                

Families were split up, and friendships were lost too, 

All thanks to good old COVID, we love you too.

Borders were closed, across air, sea and land,

The world that we knew, had turned into COVID land.

People wore masks, gloves and constantly gave their hands a good wash.


But that’s not all, there was soon even more fear for us all.  

When Boris announced lockdown, everyone felt scared.

From standing and chatting to dodging everyone everywhere.

From hugging and kissing to waving through a screen,

I think at one point, everyone let out a good scream.

The anger, the upset, the ever-lasting pain,

Saying goodbye to family members, sometimes never to see again.

The confusion and hurt caused some people to shatter,

But they weren’t even sure what was really the matter.

The hope and joy kept people believing,

Support bubbles were good, but not for the shielding.

Finally lockdown ended, but all wasn’t how it seems,

Plans were made then cancelled,

Pubs were open then shut.


People hoped they’d go back to their job,

Whilst others went back to their perfect job.

Some were seen begging  for money,

Whilst others were seen swimming in money.

Schools went back, people mixing,

That only led to more COVID testing.

Tier one, two and three but which one were you in?

People went out, whilst others stayed in.

Stay safe and take care, the government ranted.


As we come to the end of this horrible year,

Let’s remember, it’s the time to cheer.

Your decs should be up, including your tree,

Christmas is coming, which means a bubble of three.

Switch on your lights and make them extra bright.

And remember, this year was probably the worst one,

But Christmas 2020 will be the best one!


Stay safe and take care everyone!

2020… the year to remember! 

Millie King