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UoB and Bolton College Merger Update

29 May 2018

UoB and Bolton College Merger Update

In May 2016 we consulted under the statutory framework of the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 on our proposed merger with the University of Bolton (“Consultation”). We provided feedback on that consultation in July 2016.


Since then an enormous amount of work has been carried out both by the College and the University on how to structure the merger. Both the College and University were invited by the Department for Education to take part in a pilot for the creation of a group structure where the College’s operations and activities are carried on through a newly created wholly owned charitable subsidiary of the University.


The Department for Education has now approved that model and is currently designating a newly set up subsidiary company limited by guarantee (called Bolton College) to be eligible to receive public funding which is a necessary step in order to operate a publicly funded further education college. The intention is that the College will dissolve, as set out in the Consultation, and transfer its property, rights and liabilities to the new company all with effect from 1st August 2018. The company will continue to operate the College from its current sites.


All College students and staff will transfer to the new company on that date under their current terms and the company will have a Board with a skillset to run a further education college comprised of independents and staff and student representatives as is currently the case.


The Department for Education have built provision into the arrangement to ensure that further education is the main function of the new company so as to assure the continuance of further education in Bolton.


The College feel that this is a better solution than transferring the College directly to the University since this proposed structure will assure the separate identity of further education in Bolton.

Any questions should be directed to Maxine Bagshaw –

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