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Hairdressing Learners dazzle in themed Showcase

25 March 2016

Bolton College’s annual Hair Showcase returned in an explosion of glitter and neon colours as talented learners took on the contrasting themes of ‘Aurora’, ‘Best of British’ and ‘History through the Ages’. 
Like last year’s Showcase themed around ‘Illusion’, ‘Equilibrium’ and ‘Masquerade’, this year’s event tied in with Bolton College’s dedication to providing courses that improve skills levels and employability and actively supporting students to progress to their chosen destination. 
The highly anticipated annual Showcase forms an important part of the learners’ syllabus, adding to their final grade. However, aside from its educational importance, the Showcase also provides the perfect opportunity for learners to add to their portfolios and start building a profile for themselves as professional hairdressers and barbers. 
Shannon Greer, 19, is currently studying Hairdressing Level 3 at Bolton College and modelled her creation on the vibrant theme of ‘Aurora’. Shannon, who plans to work on a cruise ship next year, said: “The catwalk preparation side of hairdressing is really interesting. I love creative stuff like this – plus it’s good for my portfolio.” 
Not only did the creative learners work hard in Bolton College’s Wella Centre of Excellence to design hairstyles to reflect the varied themes, but many also made the accompanying outfits from scratch. 
Joanne Smith, 24, is also studying Hairdressing Level 3 at Bolton College and hand-made her model’s outfit. Joanne, who is a qualified beauty therapist as well as a trainee hairdresser, said: “I love being creative, so it’s great to have this opportunity. I’ve followed the avant-garde Northern Lights theme; it’s all about the big hair, bright make-up and hair extensions!” 
Jill Shovelton, Hairdressing Lecturer at Bolton College, said: “The Showcase is always a fantastic opportunity for the learners to demonstrate their technical and creative skills. Every learner worked hard to design a hairstyle, outfit and make-up to reflect their designated theme – and this year’s event was another great success!”