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From community learning to university

2 December 2019

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10 Bolton College learners, who started on community ‘Find Out About’ courses, are about to apply for places at university. 


The Health & Social Care students all started on taster courses in their local community centres.


Thanks to the support they received from their tutor, Angela Murray, they were soon bitten by the learning bug and swiftly progressed through Levels 1, 2 and 3.


All are now hoping to secure places at the University of Bolton, to study nursing and other health-related professions.


Nosheen Ishtiaq, who hopes to become an Adult Nurse, said: “When I came here, English wasn’t even my first language. Angela really encouraged me a lot, she’s an excellent teacher.”


Angela Murray, Health & Social Care Lecturer, added: “Thanks to their hard work and sheer determination, the learners are so much closer to achieving their dream careers, which is wonderful.


“I’m sure they will continue to shine on the next stage of their learning journey. They are an inspiration to anyone wishing to change their career – I am so proud of them.”


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