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Carrs celebrate Pi Day by donating fresh pasties to Bolton College STEM Centre

14 March 2016

Carrs celebrate Pi Day by donating fresh pasties to Bolton College STEM Centre 

In honour of National Pi Day on Monday 14th March, local family-run bakery Carrs Pasties visited Bolton College’s STEM Centre to donate several boxes of freshly baked pasties. 
A group of IMI Level 1 Vehicle Maintenance & Repair learners collected the generous donation from Carrs outside the College’s £4.3 million STEM Centre, which was opened in 2014 and delivers a suite of courses in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. 
The hungry Motor Vehicle learners, who frequently use Pi to calculate engine compression ratios, tucked into two dozen meat pasties and two dozen cheese pasties – all decoratively embellished with a pastry Pi symbol. 
Peter Alstead, Head of Engineering & Motor Vehicle at Bolton College, said: “The donation from Carrs was a great treat for our learners. Pi is an essential mathematical reference that all of our learners need to be familiar with, so receiving some fresh pasties was a brilliant way of reinforcing the importance of the day.” 
Pi, a figure with an infinite number of digits beyond the decimal point, is often abbreviated as 3.14, which is why Pi Day is celebrated on 14th March – the 3rd month and the 14th day. 
Marie Gilluley, Principal and Chief Executive of Bolton College, commented: “We continue to develop a strong working relationship with Carrs Pasties, a valued local employer, and this delivery was a lovely surprise. I come from an engineering background and know only too well the importance of Pi in STEM-related learning.” 
Joseph Carr, Managing Director of Carrs Pasties, said: “When is a pasty not a pasty? When it’s a Pi!  Every year National Pi Day is celebrated on 14th March and we wanted to celebrate it with Bolton College. We are very impressed with the facilities the STEM Centre has to offer and the opportunities available to the students. We are proud to see the College grow and want to support the College in any way we can.”