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Our HE Partners

Our HE Partners

In addition to the QAA, all of our courses are validated by well-respected institutions such as University of Bolton. Our validation/approval process is rigorous and every year we review our courses to ensure that we’re constantly offering courses that meet your needs.


Our internal systems are designed to ensure each student has a great experience on their course. Each course has a course representative who is able to give feedback on the course, and each School has a committee to provide you with the opportunity to voice your opinion. This, in conjunction with the mature relationship we have with our partner universities, means you can be sure of the quality of the course you’re studying.


The vast majority of our courses are franchised and validated by the University of Bolton. This means that either you will be studying a course written by the University and delivered here at the College, or that the course you’re studying will be written by staff from Bolton College, but teams from the University contribute to the process, adding their input to ensure that the course you’re studying is academically strong. The University and College are both within the Deane Road education zone, and this means that you will also benefit from the resources of both institutions.


The College is a member of GM Higher, a collaboration of 5 universities and 8 further education colleges from across Greater Manchester, who are working together to provide high-quality outreach activities for local schools and colleges as part of the HEFCE funded National Networks for Collaborative Outreach project. GM Higher aims to improve the provision of information, advice and guidance about progression routes to higher education (HE) and improved information about the variety of HE options for learners and their key influencers.