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ESOL For Integration Fund (EFIF)

The ESOL For Integration Fund (EFIF) provides two strands of additional support for developing the English language skills of non-native Bolton residents:

  • Formal ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes.  
  • Social mixing opportunities enabling Bolton residents to use their English more.


Formal ESOL classes

Formal ESOL classes are for learners who are new to ESOL; they will benefit from:


  • Experienced qualified teachers.
  • Materials and teaching strategies to support lower level learners.
  • Small community settings, close to the learner.
  • Online support for learning.
  • Support for developing digital skills.
  • Clear progression routes to mainstream ESOL classes at Bolton College.

Please view our class list and dates here.



To refer Bolton residents to formal ESOL EFIF classes, please email

Social mixing opportunities

The benefits, and activities, of social mixing opportunities include:

  • Enabling Bolton residents with ESOL needs to develop their language skills through shared interests and activities.
  • Ensuring Bolton residents from all communities access and benefit from the many resources around them.
  • Volunteer led.
  • Cooking, dancing, gardening and cultural enrichment.
  • Conversation clubs and language cafes.
  • Visits to local resources such as libraries, parks and support services.


To refer Bolton residents for social mixing opportunities please contact

To offer your time and talents as a volunteer leading social mixing activities, please contact  – volunteering could take the form of:

  • Leading on activities.
  • Supporting ESOL learners to practice their spoken English.
  • Supporting learners one to one- in-class
  • Developing administration skills to  enable the aims of the project to be met. 

We have weekly enrolment and assessment sessions in community hubs from 16 of August 2021. 

Mon -Brownlow Fold
Tues- New Bury
Wed - Deane & Derby

Please talk to the reception staff for appointments or email


The ESOL for Integration is funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government. Please view our course below...