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Wella SP Styling Products

The Academy Salon stocks a range of Wella SP styling products for our customers to purchase, please contact our main reception for availability 01204 482508.

Elegant Shape - Volumising Styling Mousse

  • Strong hold for long-lasting body
  • Improves combability so the brush glides through the hair
  • Helps protect the hair against UV-rays, humidity and styling heat
  • Alcohol-free

Polished Waves - Styling Curl Cream

  • Hold for clearly defined curls
  • Supports wet curls with vibrant bounce
  • Can be used as a finishing product
  • Helps protect against styling heat
  • Antistatic effect and UV protection

Delicate Volume - Volumising Foam

  • Hold and volume
  • Helps protect the hair from UV-rays and styling heat
  • Alcohol-freeResolute Lift

Lifting Styling Lotion

  • Provides hold and silky shine
  • Optimal foundation for blow-drying and setting
  • Helps protect the hair from UV-rays and styling heatSatin Polish

Smoothing Polish Cream

  • Elegant finish delivering a pearly shine
  • Softness and hold with an anti-frizz effect
  • Gives definition and structure
  • Use it also to accentuate individual strands of hair

Refined Texture - Modelling Cream for texture

  • Strong hold matte cream
  • Multiple forming and defining possibilities
  • Re-styling possible at any time

Exquisite Gloss - Sophisticated gloss finish

  • Smooth fluid that glides easily onto the hair
  • Platinum-like shine for sleek straight hair
  • Anti-frizz effect for curly or unruly hairSublime Reflection

Non-aerosol Shimmering Spray

  • Gives intensive brilliance and shine
  • A suitable finishing product to create a shine finish
  • Anti-frizz effect

Perfect Hold - Finishing Spray

  • Extra strong hold for long-lasting stability
  • Helps protect the hair against UV-rays, humidity and styling heat

Wella SP Care Products


Smoothen Shampoo

Smoothing cleanser for gentle suppleness.  Perfectly controls and smoothes the hair structure. Makes coarse hair smooth and supple.

Smoothen Conditioner

Smoothing cream for velvety suppleness. Perfectly smoothes and controls the hair. Provides anti frizz protection. intensive care

Smoothen Mask

Intensive Smoothing treatment for luxurious suppleness. Perfectly smooths and controls the hair structure. Detangles, calms and controls the hair structure. Cares for coarse hair and creates suppleness.


Hydrate Shampoo

Moisturising cleanser for normal to dry hair. Provides long-lasting moisture without overloading the hair. Improves combability.

Hydrate Conditioner

Moisturising conditioner for normal to dry hair. Effectively moisturises hair without overweighing. Provides noticeable softness.

Hydrate Mask 

Intensive moisturising treatment without overweighing. Long-lasting protection from drying out. Provides noticeable softness. For normal to coarse hair.

Hydro FInish

Softening care. Immediately provides softness. For noticeably silk, well cared-for hair.


Repair Shampoo

Repairing cleanser. Repairs and gives hair an even structure. Ensures an easy combability.

Repair Conditioner

Structure improving haircare cream. Makes hair supple to the touch. Effectively regenerates hair in just 30 seconds.

Repair Mask

Ultimate repair. Repairs hair up to 100% after one application. Protects hair from further damage. For highly damaged hair.

Perfect Hair

Strengthens the hair and provides it with volume. Structuring care. Restructures the hair. Gives protection from blow-drying heat.

Perfect Ends

Hair lengths treatment. Seals split hair ends. Provides brilliant shine and suppleness.


Volumize Shampoo

Weightless strengthening cleanser. Strengthens fine hair without overloading it. Creates light volume.

Volumize Leave-In Conditioner

Weightless conditioning. Stabilises the hair from within. Creates long-lasting volume.

Volumize Mask

Weightless intensive care for fine hair. Strengthens and stabilises the hair from within. Weightless finish.

Weightless Finish

Soft volumising care. Provides light volume.

Color Save

Color Save Shampoo

Colour protecting cleanser with 3D technology. Ensures long lasting colour brilliance. Protects against colour fading and colour shifting.

Color Save Conditioner

Colour protecting conditioner with 3D technology. Ensures long lasting colour brilliance. Provides noticeable smoothness to coloured hair. Protects against colour fading and shifting.

Color Save Mask

Intensive colour protecting treatment. Protection for long lasting colour freshness. Intensive protection against colour fading and colour shifting.

Color Finish

Colour brilliance care treatment. Proven colour protection for beautiful shine.


Shine Define Shampoo

Shine enhancing cleanser. Removes residues that make the hair dull. Cares for the hair to add shine.

Shine Define Leave-In Conditioner

Shine enhancing conditioner. Improves light refl ection by smoothing the hair surface. Enhances overall shine.

Shine Define Mask

Intensive treatment for ultimate light reflection. Promote noticeable shine. Smoothes the hair for flawless light reflection.

Clear Scalp

Clear Scalp Shampoo

Gentle dandruff removing cleanser. Removes dandruff gently and efficiently. Protects against new dandruff formation from the first wash.

Clear Scalp Shampeeling

Regulating intensive anti-dandruff treatment. Sustainably fights even stubborn dandruff. Long-term freedom from dandruff for up to 2 months after regular treatment over 4 weeks.

Clear Scalp Lotion

Regulating anti-dandruff care. Fights dandruff formation. Prevents irritation of the scalp.

Clear Scalp Mask

Intensive anti-dandruff scalp care. Effectively fights dandruff. Effectively cares for your hair.

Balance Scalp

Balance Scalp Shampoo

Soothing cleansing. Gently cares for sensitive scalps with a skin friendly pH value. Ideally prepares the scalp for hair-loss treatments.

Balance Scalp Lotion

Soothing lotion. Relieves tension and itchiness. Soothes and conditions sensitive scalps. pH-neutral, alcohol-free & fragrance-free.

Balance Scalp Mask

Soothing intensive treatment for sensitive scalps. Relieves itchiness and soothes the scalp. Strengthens the skin’s own protective barrier.

Balance Scalp Energy Serum

Patented formula. Makes thinning hair stronger. Can reduce hair loss by up to 50%* *related to congenital hair loss.

Wella SP Sun Products

After Sun Shampoo

Gently cleanses hair and scalp, removing sunscreen as well as salt and chlorine residues that can damage hair after sun exposure. Instantly transforms hair’s texture.

After Sun Conditioner

Gently cleanses hair and scalp, removing sunscreen as well as salt and chlorine residues that can damage hair after sun exposure. Instantly transforms hair’s texture.

After Sun Fluid

Active, long-lasting hydration protects hair & skin from drying out. Leave-in lightweight fluid soothes and moisturizes hair and scalp whilst smoothing hair for effortless combability.  Exclusively available at your SP salon.

Sun UV Spray

Protects hair structure and colour from UV rays. Easy to apply leave-in spray with concentrated Sun Protection Complex to shield from UV radiation.

Sun Concentrate

Daily UV protection - Salon technology comes to your home, enabling you to add UV protection in to your preferred SP rinseoff Conditioner. Adds up to 10 hours UV protection in summer light. Protect hair colour from fading, shifting and increases colour freshness. Provides up to 40% increased colour freshness.