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Steps to applying for an Apprenticeship vacancy

After you’ve decided which Apprenticeship you want to do, you’ll need to start looking for an employer or a vacancy. Take a look at our vacancies below or express your interest in one of our Apprenticeships and we’ll invite you in for an informal initial assessment.


To improve your chances of finding an employer, keep an eye out on job search websites, company websites and social media. Also get in touch with recruitment agencies to find your dream role.


Make sure you’re CV is up-to-date and represents your skills and experience to employers. Send a covering letter to employers when expressing an interest in an Apprenticeship along with your CV. The aim of this letter is to grab the employer’s attention and shout about why they should hire you! Take a look at our Apprenticeships Guide for help with writing a winning CV and covering letter.


Make sure to follow up your applications after one week and if you didn’t get the role you were hoping for, don’t panic! Ask for feedback so you know how to improve the next time.


Once you’ve secured your interview, prepare and find out as much about the company as you can. Make sure to research interview questions and plan your journey so that you’re there on time.


Found an employer? Let us know! We’ll confirm the details with your employer and offer you a place on the course along with a start date, which means you’ll receive up-to-date training and gain a nationally recognised qualification!

How to secure an apprenticeship 2022


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