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Student Feedback - Learner Voice

Here at Bolton College, we fully support and encourage student feedback; there are plenty of opportunities for you to have your say about the courses and the College in general.


Becoming a member of the Learner Voice panel gives you the chance to take part in focus groups on specific issues, and to complete surveys on all aspects of College life. We value students’ honesty and are continually looking for ideas on how to improve things - so please give us your input!


You can also communicate students' opinions on College-related issues by becoming a:

  • Course Representative
  • College Forum member
  • Student Governor


These roles allow you to take part in discussions, and make decisions about issues such as the design of College buildings, the type of food and drink we sell, redesigning our Student Code of Conduct or the price, colour and style of Bolton College hoodies.


If you're interested in contributing your voice or representing your peers, contact Lindsay Gleaves in the Student Services Centre at Deane Road on 01204 482 199 or 01204 482 197 to find out more.