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Counselling for Students

Time spent at College should be rewarding but it can also be a time when some students face difficulties either within college or in their personal lives.


If you find yourself experiencing problems, speaking to a Counsellor will give you the opportunity to talk privately to someone who will listen, value you as an individual and not make judgements about you. The College Counsellors are friendly people, experienced in helping with any issues you may need tackling.


The College Counselling Service has helped many students with a variety of issues, for example:

  • Problems affecting students' home or personal lives
  • Problems which are causing college life or coursework to suffer
  • Students feeling that they're being bullied or victimised in some way
  • Students feeling confused, anxious or generally not coping as normal


The service is free, confidential and no one needs to know about the appointment unless you choose to tell them. The counselling room is a private, quiet place, which provides a comfortable and relaxed environment.


Any student can access the Counselling Service by asking for an appointment at the Student Services Centre, located at our Deane Road Campus, or by calling 01204 482 182. Appointments can be made at any of our centres.


Learners can refer to our counselling service by speaking to a member of college staff, a tutor or an LDM. Self-referrals can also be made using a referral form – this can be found by using ‘Ask Ada’ and searching for the word ‘counselling’. The form is easier to complete on a computer, rather than a phone, and once complete, it should be sent to