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Bolton Vision

Bolton College’s Strategic Framework describes our commitment to working in partnership across the town. It says:

Bolton College works with a wide range of public and private sector organisations, including the ‘Bolton Family’ of public sector organisations, to meet the education and training needs of Bolton, its geographical, cultural and business communities. The College seeks to contribute to the education and training needs of the region and sub-region and, in relation to some niche markets, it will play a national and international role. We will support social and economic regeneration and contribute to measurable business success and community cohesion through the provision of flexible, innovative and responsive high quality training opportunities, working in partnerships with employers, local communities, key agencies and training providers.

The Bolton Vision Partnership demonstrates how public sector organisations can work effectively in partnership to make things better for the people of Bolton, and Bolton College is proud to be involved. Read how this is happening in The Community Strategy for Bolton: Bolton Vision.

Bill Webster, Principal of Bolton College


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Bolton Education Zone

The overall aim of the Partnership is, through collaborative working, to maximise the access to further and higher education in the Town, and to ensure that provision is planned in such as way as to facilitate successful progression to study at the highest level appropriate for each individual.

In pursuing this aim the Partnership will endeavour to ensure that all strategies are harmonised with wider the wider Borough aims articulated through Bolton Vision.

Many employers now report that they need to recruit people with higher level skills and Bolton's employers are no exception. A higher level qualification is one of the best assets a young person can have in entering the job market.

In working with the University of Bolton in the Bolton Education Zone partnership we want to show our students how they can achieve this, without having to move away from Bolton, by studying at Bolton College and at their local University. There are many more routes into higher education than used to be the case, and the vocational courses offered by Bolton College will enable our students to fulfil their ambitions and still have the ability to work if they wish.

Working within the Bolton Education Zone partnership and with local employers we are also looking at developing new courses, for example in science and technology subjects, to provide even more opportunity in the future.


Marie Gilluley, Principal of Bolton College


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