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The College's Approach to Safeguarding

There can be no issue of greater importance to parents and carers, or to the College, than the safety of our students.

Bolton College treats the safeguarding of our students as an essential part of the fabric of the College; we pay attention to the meticulous and systematic implementation of policies and routines; we involve every member of the College community in some way; and we have a sharp eye on the particular circumstances and needs of all students, especially the most vulnerable.

There is recognition that everyone in the College – governors, staff and students – has an important role to play in safeguarding the welfare of children/young people (people under the age of eighteen) and vulnerable adults and preventing their bullying, harassment and abuse.


We ask that all learners, staff and visitors wear their Security ID Pass at all times when on College premises. 


As such the College will:

  • Raise awareness of child and adult protection issues and
  • Ensure that staff and students follow appropriate procedures should abuse be suspected.

Our commitment and duty

We have a statutory duty to report allegations of abuse and to assist the local authority with child protection/vulnerable adult issues. Our policies are in line with current national and local policies on the protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults. We pride ourselves in having the safety and wellbeing of our students at the heart of what we do.

Safeguarding Statement

Bolton College are committed to ensuring that learners have a right to feel safe wherever they learn, in the classroom on or online. If you have any personal safety or other worries, for example, feeling bullied; being made to feel uncomfortable or experiencing an inappropriate situation when you are attending college, please speak to your tutor, someone in the Learning Centre reception or contact the College Safeguarding Team on 01204 482 199, 01204 482 180 or 01204 482 758.




Operation Encompass

Bolton College is part of Operation Encompass - please see below