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Early Years

  People with Childcare qualifications are always in demand and the government requires that those working in this sector – including before and after-school care – have accredited, up-to-date qualifications.


To support the needs of employers, we have developed a range of training courses that will help you to care for children in a variety of situations. You will learn about the health, education and social aspects of caring for children and their families. Career choices after successful completion of a course include nursing, nursery and primary teaching, social work, nursery manager, play worker, hospital play specialist and other related professional roles.


The tutors teaching on our early years courses are all highly qualified and have a range of occupational expertise including nursing, health visiting, primary school teaching, social work and nursery nursing.


We have strong links with the University of Bolton, so after completion of one of our courses, you may decide to progress to one of its Health, Social Care or Childcare programmes.



Have you considered a career as a Childminder? 

If so, please get in touch with the Bolton Startwell Team by clicking on the links below:

Introduction to the Role of a Childminder

Childminder Pre-Registration Course


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