Bolton College
English & maths (Employability Skills)

We all need to use English and maths more of the time, for that precious next job, to help children with homework or to challenge that big electricity bill. At Bolton College, we can help and support you to gain qualifications in English and maths, whatever stage you are working at. 

Skills for Life and GCSE English and maths qualifications are nationally recognised and once you have achieved them it can open new opportunities to different courses and careers. 


Developing your English skills can improve your reading, writing and verbal communication skills. This can help you write a letter or, job applications and build your confidence in speaking to new people.  


When you develop your skills it will help you to apply practical maths when you are out shopping and budgeting for household bills. You may already have maths skills, but you don’t have a qualification to prove it which limits your potential when searching for jobs or trying for a promotion. 

How do I start?

Our range of English and maths qualifications cover everything from beginners up to GCSEs to improve your skills and achieve new goals. The first step to joining any of these courses is to visit and sign up for one of our FREE ‘Welcome to English’ and/or ‘Welcome to Maths’ sessions. We will advise on the right course options for you and give you the confidence to progress.