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Family Learning

Kevin Davies at Family Learning 29

Family learning is for mums, dads, grandparents, carers and children. It offers free courses were families can come together to enjoy learning. Courses are mainly run in local primary schools and nurseries. Some courses are offered in high schools and other community venues. Most courses focus on families learning together with children joining their parents in the class, while others are adults only.

The courses are designed to inform parents and carers how children are taught literacy, numeracy and ICT in schools today - providing the opportunity for you to brush up on your own skills and feel more confident helping your children with their learning. Some courses give parents the option to gain an adult literacy or numeracy qualification.  

Family Learning courses are a great way to get back in to learning in a fun and relaxed environment.  The courses include:

  • EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) – learning about how children develop early language, reading, writing and number skills 
  • Family Literacy – learning about reading strategies, writing formation, grammar and punctuation and phonics
  • Family Numeracy – learning about number systems, calculations, solving problems, measure, shapes and space 
  • Digital Families – courses on how to use a computer and the internet, including how to keep children safe on the internet
  • Wider Family Learning – a range of workshops and bite size courses including crafts, health, ICT, internet safety, making games, know your numbers and sharing stories
  • Mini Explorers and Fishy Fridays – finding out about Bolton Museum and Aquarium by sharing stories and rhyme, getting creative with art and role play (pre-school children)
  • Big Book Bonanza and Pastime Perils – family activity events held at different times of the year in Bolton Museum and Library.