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ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Languages

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Do you speak another language and are interested in learning English? Even if you speak very little English at the moment, we will support you until you are able to progress to your area of interest.

Studying ESOL at Bolton College will help you get the skills you need to move on to a suitable college course or to apply for jobs. It will also improve your communication skills, build your confidence and help you integrate into life in the UK.

Most of our adults study with us between four and five hours a week.  We test all our learners for reading, writing, speaking and listening before deciding which is the most suitable class for their needs. 

We have classes at a range of levels, starting at Pre-Entry level for those who cannot read, write or speak any English.  We encourage learners to continue studying until they get to Entry 3 level.  Learners are then encouraged to progress to other courses at the college.

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