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Health & Social Care Apprenticeships

Health & Social Care - Anika Bhatti


An Apprenticeship in Health & Social Care will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to support health professionals and provide care in a range of settings for those in need.

3 reasons to do a Health & Social Care Apprenticeship

  1. The number of people needing care and support has risen by 14% since 2000.
  2. You will learn many essential clinical skills as well as a range of transferable interpersonal skills.
  3. As well as the reward of fulfilment, following further study you could work as a Nurse and earn over £28,000 a year.

What we offer

Health & Social Care Apprenticeship Level 2 and Level 3

Potential job roles

You could work as a:

  • Healthcare Support Worker
  • Healthcare Assistant
  • Home Care Support Worker
  • Social Work Assistant
  • Family Support Worker


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