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National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) are qualifications that assess your employees’ competences (their skills, knowledge and understanding). They learn by undertaking practical work-related tasks, all of which have been designed to develop the relevant skills and knowledge they need to do a job effectively. NVQs are based on national occupational standards which were developed with employers and describe the level and breadth of performance required to do a specific job. There is a strong emphasis on practical work and assessment is normally through on-the-job observation and questioning by an assessor.


NVQs are ideally suited to either employees, who already have some skills but aren’t qualified, or those who are new to the job role and would like to gain the skills needed to be successful. With many course options and levels to choose from, we can match most learners to an option that suits them. Funding towards the cost of an NVQ is available but subject to certain criteria.



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