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Building Services Engineering for Construction T Level

Take it to the Next Level!

 Building Services Engineering is about making sure that buildings are fit for purpose, meeting the needs of the people who work and live in them.


When it comes to employment or university, current and up-to-date qualifications are ESSENTIAL, so this two-year programme has been developed with employers and businesses, which means the content is:



Equivalent to three A Levels, the broad nature of this T Level will prepare you for a variety of roles; depending on where your ambitions lie, you’ll even get to focus on an educational specialism.


At the heart of this T Level is an Industry Placement, so you’ll also get to spend 20% of your time with an employer, giving you vital experience in the world of work.

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Expert Tutors & Industry Specialists

Delivered by expert tutors and industry specialists, this programme will broaden your options; you’ll cover a variety of topics, from building technology principles, to building services engineering systems, to construction methods. This means that when it comes to employment, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to go wherever your ambitions take you.    

Topics covered include:

  • • Building Technology Principles
    • Building Services Engineering Systems
    • Construction Methods


You’ll also focus on an occupational specialism: Electrical & electronic Equipment Engineering; Electrotechnical Engineering; Gas Engineering; Plumbing & Heating Engineering; Heating Engineering & Ventilation; or Refrigeration Engineering & Air Conditioning Engineering.




Industry Placements

One of the many advantages of this T Level is an Industry Placement – what better way to enhance your learning, than utilising your new skills and knowledge on a sector-specific placement with an employer!


This means that 80% of your T Level will be classroom based, and the other 20% will see you learning from professionals in the engineering for construction sector, on the job; on completion of the programme, you’ll impress employers and universities with your experience, ensuring you progress to your dream career or further learning!

Career options and progression

The sole purpose of a T Level is to prepare you for employment and a dynamic career. Due to the broad range of topics covered on the Engineering for Construction T Level, you’ll be equipped for a career in a variety of settings. You could work as a:

  • Building Services Engineer, earning up to £50,000 per year
  • Heating & Ventilation Engineer, earning up to £35,000 per year
  • Electrical Engineering Technician, earning up to £40,000 per year