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# Skills for Life & Work

Improving essential skills such as reading, writing, maths and spoken English can help you achieve far more out of life. Our Skills for Life and Work classes give you the opportunity to improve these skills and gain qualification, transforming the lives of many of our learners, giving them the skills and confidence to enjoy life to the full, both home and work.  


Our classes are small, friendly and FREE, except for ESOL classes.


They are available during the day or evening, at a variety of venues throughout Bolton. Courses are tailored to your needs and your tutor will encourage you to work on whichever skill areas you want to develop.

You can: 

  • Brush-up on or improve your reading, writing or numeracy skills
  • Gain confidence before starting a course
  • Improve your employment prospects by learning how to complete an application form, prepare a CV, or write an eye-catching letter for a new job
  • Develop maths and English skills that will help with everyday life or support your children’s schoolwork
  • Gain nationally recognised qualifications