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Our Italian courses are delivered by a team of highly qualified staff, all with wide-ranging experience. 


Whether you need to learn or improve your Italian for holidays, family or work, you will enjoy learning in a supportive, friendly environment.


Learning Italian will open the door not only to wider cultural understanding and improved communication, but also to diverse career paths: dedicated linguists can go on to train as translators, interpreters and teachers, whilst Italian can be an asset not only in the business world and export trade but in any job where communication is key.


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IMPORTANT – Information about level categories and self-enrolment

  • Self-enrolment

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    • Learners self-enrol for modern foreign language courses at Bolton College.
    • This makes it quicker and easier to enrol as you don’t have to physically come to the building.
    • You need to enrol in the best class for your level.
    • To help you do this see our rough guide to language levels below.
    • If there is no class available for your level, don’t worry –all classes have a range of abilities! Book onto the course which is closest to your level.
    • We will support you in the classroom to progress at the correct pace.
  • What is my level?

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    Level category



    • I can’t speak this language.
    • I can use a few words of this language.


    • I can ask a few basic questions and communicate some basic ideas such as personal details, the time, days of the week, months of the year, ordering food and drink
    • I make a lot of mistakes.


    • I have a good grasp of the elementary criteria.
    • I can describe myself and other people including appearance, work and family relationships.
    • I can hold simple conversations but get stuck for words a lot.
    • I still make a lot of big mistakes.


    • I am confident with all the pre-intermediate criteria.
    • I can communicate confidently to book a hotel room or hire car, ask directions, order food.
    • I can talk about my home, my town and my country.
    • I can hold a social conversation confidently.
    • I make less serious errors.


    • I am confident with all the pre-intermediate criteria.
    • I still make some mistakes.