Financial Help | Bolton College

Financial Help

There is a wide range of help for students to meet costs of tuition, or other associated costs such as travel and childcare.

Use the information below to identify appropriate financial assistance. You'll find further information on each funding stream by using the right hand menu to navigate to their dedicated pages, or you can download the documents below.

Advanced Learner Loans

For students aged 19 or over, starting a course in August 2016 or later. Loan applications will be accepted from May. 

Covering the cost of your course

For students aged 19 or over, information about which concessions are available for our courses, and payment by instalments.

Student Financial Support Policy

This has details of who is eligible for the following funds, and how to apply:
  • Further Eduation Free Meals Fund
  • 16-18 Bursary Fund 
  • 19+ Hardship Fund 
  • 20+ Childcare Support Fund 
  • Advanced Learner Loans Bursary Fund