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Application Form (HE)

Application for Higher Education or Level 4/5 Further Education Courses

Who should use this form to apply?

This form allows you to submit your application for an HE course online.
This form should only be used to apply for a Higher Education course. If you wish to apply for an Access course please attend an enrolment session.
If you are 16-18 and wish to apply for a full-time course or Apprenticeship please click here.
If you wish to apply for an adult course please come to one of our enrolment sessions - click here for details.

Please note: The form requires you to complete a personal statement. To avoid your session timing out, it is recommended that you prepare and save your personal statement in another document before starting the form, and then copy the text into the form.

Guidance on completing your Personal Statement

Your statement must be constructed in full sentences, not bullet points, and should not be less than 400 words. Please give your reasons for applying for your chosen course and any relevant information about yourself. Remember, your personal statement is your chance to tell us why you think you are suitable for this course.

Your Details

Equality Monitoring – Why We Need This Information

The information requested below helps the College to become better informed and more responsive to student needs. It tells the College where to direct its support and services and shows us if certain people aren’t making use of our College and its resources.