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Teacher Training

We offer a range of professional qualifications for people who work in education or who want to pursue a career in the sector.

We have a coveted track record in delivering teacher training qualifications in a college environment that is highly conducive to workplace preparation. We also have many years of success in providing qualifications for support staff in schools and a high proportion of our students have entered employment in primary schools in Bolton and other areas of Greater Manchester.

Teacher training courses

The Lifelong Learning sector covers post-schools teaching in Further Education Colleges, Sixth Form Colleges, adult and community learning, offender learning and work-based learning. Since September 2007, all new entrants to teaching in the sector are required to complete a relevant qualification.

Education & Training Award

The Level 3 Award in Education and Training is an introductory award. It can be achieved without any previous teaching experience. It is designed to equip trainers with the basics of teaching and learning.

Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) 14+ and Certificate in Education (Cert Ed) 14+

The PGCE / Cert.Ed. is required by those who teach, or wish to teach, in post-school education in the UK. It can be completed as a two-year part-time or one-year full-time course.

This course forms part of our Higher Education offer, to find out more please click here to read the course information.

Assessor & Verifier Awards

We also offer the full set of awards that make up the new Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (which replaces the old A1 Assessor award), which is required by people carrying out occupational competency assessment.

Courses for teaching assistants in schools

Teaching, or Classroom Assistants now work in schools in a whole variety of ways with children of all ages and abilities. They support teachers in the crucial area of teaching and learning in the classroom. We have extensive experience in delivering qualifications for school support staff in Bolton and throughout Greater Manchester.

Introductory courses

The short courses – Introduction to Working in Schools (ISWS) and Developing Skills for Working in Schools (DSWS) – are a great starting point for people interested in work in schools or who wish to progress to the Teaching Assistant qualifications. ISWS must be completed before enrolling on DSWS.

Teaching Assistant Certificate Level 2 / Level 3

The Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools is a full Level 2 qualification, completed as a one-year part-time course. It is ideal for people wanting to qualify as a Teaching Assistant. You’ll need to have some work (paid or voluntary) in a school classroom to complete this qualification. It can also be completed as a Level 3 qualification if you have appropriate experience and qualifications and you are currently working as a Teaching Assistant.